SINGLE: Ane Brun – The Puzzle

Release Date: May 18th, 2009
Label: Determine Records


Mainly subjected to a radio broadcasting a brimful of acts from either the UK or the US, it’s always refreshing to have acts from different parts of the world heard. It’s a shame that Ane Brun‘s recent single release ‘The Puzzle’ doesn’t set a good example for Norway and their popular music culture.

The thing is, deep within the song their is some spark of success and potential for the masses. The speedy-syllable-spitting chorus is admitedly a catchy one, but utimately it’s just plain boring. The small orchestra and acoustic guitar layered behind the vocals and lyrics isn’t much better, and though it’s evidently portrayed to be a slow and calm effort from Ane Brun it seems to try and force itself to be poppy and clever at the same time – the result: too much going on at one time.

Surely Ane Brun is capable of releasing and promoting something much more stable and actually digestable from her current album ‘Changing Of The Seasons’. It seems ‘The Puzzle’ wasn’t the right choice for such an endeavor.

Written by Zach Redrup