SICK SWAG!: Babycakes Clothing

Name: Babycakes Clothing
Owner: Paul Griffiths
Founded: 2006
Location: Manchester, UK

Current: Loads of bright sexy clothing and parties
Future: More clothes, more parties, and a new store!


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Most of us own a MySpace profile, and the majority of us use it as a social network to talk to our current friends, and to also develop new friendships. Some people create businesses and companies, and use it as a free marketing and advertising tool to reach customers easily. This is exactly the case with independant alternative clothing line, Babycakes Clothing.

Opened in 2006 by founder and owner Paul Griffiths, he began creating shapes using simple lines and colours to create a range of different characters now well-known as babycakes. Right from the start business was successful, with Paul selling his first batch of 50 t-shirts within just a few short days. The franchise just grew from there, with more and more designs being unleashed, offering a fresh new look and taste to what the usual offering of alternative clothing is today. Instead of skulls, blood, and other similar gory and morbid designs, Babycakes offered happy and cheerful designs coated with bright and appealing colours opening a whole new audience through the ‘net.

Through Babycakes, Paul managed to create a new look and style to develop in a lot of the brands customers, making the electro-pop and similar genres more popular and cool to listen to, and to be a part of. The success of Babycakes is also a part of the online presence Paul has created during the entirety of the clothing line’s existence; constantly updating his MySpace profiles, LiveJournal entries, and adding and sharing videos on YouTube of him and his friends having a good time. Nowadays, Paul Griffiths has managed to become the most visited UK user on the MySpace website, and currently has over 75,000 online friends.

Babycakes managed to benefit from the popularity too, becoming one of the most popular online clothing companies today. With orders constantly sold out as soon as stock is filled, they’ve got to be doing something right. Things will only get bigger too, with Babycakes beginning to open stores across the UK, with their first opening soon in the city of Manchester.

The line sells t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and underwear with more to come. If things keep growing as they are now, then it’s very possible that Babycakes may even become a true household name.

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Written by Zach Redrup