ALBUM REVIEW: Mundy’s Bay – Lonesome Valley

Release Date: March 13th 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records


Mundy’s Bay‘s dream of a debut record, ‘Lonesome Valley’, couldn’t be released at a better time than now. It’s escapism in a nutshell.

The Montreal quartet combine an endless list of genres into ‘Lonesome Valley’; indie, alternative, 80s new wave, dream-pop, post-rock – you name it, it’s probably in there. They manage to hold up a high level of quality in every aspect from the very first song, ‘Goodbye’, and hold it throughout the whole of the album, ending it on a maybe even higher note with ‘J’ai Tout Perdu’.

Esther Mulder‘s vocals play a huge part in maintaining this standard, and creating such a dreamy atmosphere with outstanding ease. The way her echoing vocals perfectly work with the instrumental mix of hard-hitting drums, light and melodic guitars, and the constant slight undertone of synths is not only amazing on its own, but especially outstanding for a band’s debut release.

Even though ‘Lonesome Valley’ sonically has a complete summer/feel good vibe, the lyrics are all about loss, love, and longing. So, whether you want to listen and have your mind float away to better times (and who could blame you in times of self-isolation and social distancing?) or fully drown in the lyrics and embrace feeling sad, this record is an exact fit either way.

With a lot of bands recently reviving the trend of the 80s of synth-pop and dreamy guitars, it would’ve been easy to get swept under the carpet and put in a drawer of this recently overflowing genre. Yet, Mundy’s Bay have truly created a unique piece that doesn’t quite fit into any of the boxes you would want to throw ‘Lonesome Valley’ in.

To have this much variety and uniqueness on a debut record sets you up for high expectations for anything to come after, but equally leaves no doubt that they’ll deliver to those standards and only evolve from here.