From the Northern lands of Scotland, alternative rock quartet MakethisRelate have been making quite a buzz in their local area, along with other places across the rest of the UK. Thanks to their recent success in becoming one of the eight winners of the Red Bull Bedroom Jam contest, it looks like they’re going to be bringing an even bigger buzz all Summer long at several different festivals. We had a chat with the band to see how they’re looking forward to the next few months:

Zach: So guys, how does it feel to be one of the eight winners from this year’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam contest?
MTR: Incredible. We were truly shocked when we found out we had been chosen by the judges. We were almost certain we had no chance of getting through, and when we got announced, we just stared at the screen in disbelief. I was totally speechless at the time, and I still don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet.

Zach: Did you ever expect that you’d ever win it when you first entered into the contest?
MTR: Not at all. We didn’t even think we would reach the top of the buzz chart, but our fans pulled together and got us through. We owe them so much for the opportunity. They stayed up through the night to ensure that we got through to the next stage, and we cannot thank them enough.

Zach: How did you find recording and shooting your performance live from your bedroom?
MTR: It was such a new experience for us. We had never done anything like it before, but it was really enjoyable. We are fairly familiar with playing in tight spaces, so the performance bit for us was really comfortable. But when it came to filming all the cutaways and interviews, we had no idea what we were doing. Thankfully the crew were really friendly and very helpful, so they kept us right throughout the day.

Zach: You’ve already performed at Download Festival, the first festival you’ll be performing at from winning the competition, how did you find your set went there?
MTR: Our set went really well. We were the second band to play the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage, and surprisingly a lot of people came out to see us play. I think we successfully managed to get the crowd going, by the end of our set everyone was getting involved and singing along. I reckon we managed to make a few new fans.

Zach: How did it compare performing at such a prestigious festival like that as opposed to your usual sized gigs?
MTR: The performance itself was pretty similar to our normal gigs. We just went out there and gave it our best like we normally do, but we were playing to a lot of people who had never seen our band before, so we did have to work that little bit harder to try to win them over. The backstage experience was totally different though and very surreal. A couple of the guys got free tattoos, and we kept walking by bands and artists we really admire. It was an amazing experience.

Zach: Have you managed to meet or have you made friends with any other winners from this year’s RBBJ contest?
MTR: Yeah, we’ve managed to meet all the bands, and we’ve had a bit of time to hang out with everyone. We already knew the guys in Page 44 from touring with them in May, so we set up camp right next to those guys at Download. The boys in Hill Valley High were pretty close by too, so we had some mad nights with them. All the bands are really friendly though, it feels like we’re in this thing together rather than as individual bands. There’s a nice sense of community. You can see a video of our time at Download by clicking here.

Zach: You’ve got a bunch more festival appearances coming your way this year, including Sonisphere and Hevy, which festival are you looking forward to performing at the most?
MTR: For us, I think T In The Park is the one we’re looking forward to the most. I watch T In The Park on TV every year, so the fact that we’re playing this year is insane. It’s almost going to be like a hometown show for us, but we cannot wait to play the other festivals. The line-up for Hevy is amazing this year.

Zach: Why should people heading to any of the other festivals your performing at stop by and check out your set?
MTR: They should stop by because even if you’ve never heard our band before, there is always a chance to sing along and have a good time. We make sure our live shows are as energetic as possible, and we love to get the audience involved. I think that’s what the festival crowds are after.

Zach: Where does the band’s name MakethisRelate derive from, and why is it often displayed all as one word?
MTR: We spent a lot of time trying to come up with a name for our band, and we eventually landed on MakethisRelate. Basically, our songs are very honest and deeply personal, so we hope our fans can build a connection with our music, and can relate to the subjects we sing about.

Zach: Being a Scottish band, do you ever get comparisons to the currently more successful artists from you area such as Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro?
MTR: All the time! Musically, we are very different from those bands, but I think a lot of people find it hard to listen past our accent. But, we chose to sing in our own accent because, as we stated before, our songs are honest and personal. I think we would be contradicting ourselves if we were to sing with a faux-American accent. We have tried it before for a laugh, and it just sounded ridiculous.

Zach: Is there any news you can share with us on a new EP or album in the near future?
MTR: We’ve been in the studio working hard on our new single which we will be releasing this August, we should be playing it at some of the festivals. But we’re also working on a lot of new material at the moment, and we’re hoping to have a more substantial release out in 2012.

Zach: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add or share with our readers?
MTR: Come check us out at the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at Sonisphere, T In The Park, Hevy and Underage. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

You can catch the band’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam live performance by clicking here.

Written by Zach Redrup