PREMIERE: Stream MSRY’s ‘Safety First’ EP ahead of release!

Credit: Promo

It’s nice to have things earlier than expected, right? Well, we’ve got a treat for you. Oxford hardcore punk trio MSRY have got their ‘Safety First’ EP dropping on Friday (July 6th 2018), but you can stream the full thing here a day early.

Following up from their 2017 self-titled debut EP, ‘Safety First’ is another five slabs of aggressive and miserable hardcore, perfect for those of you who like their riffs chunky as hell, and their screams shredding.

Speaking on the offering all coming together, vocalist Kial Churcher explains that it came at a somewhat uncomfortable and fresh yet pivotal point in his life.

“The EP was written at a weird time for me, because it was essentially the starting point of a new chapter in my life. Finally finding myself a place where I belonged when I’d never really felt like I had the credentials to be in a band, let alone front one and coming to realise who I am – less so in what kind of social image I wanted to project, but looking at myself and kind of realising what the worst parts of me were and trying to accept them for what they are, rather than hiding them away as insecurities and bringing them to light.

I think that’s what this EP means to me. It’s a release of the negative energies I’ve been holding onto for so long that it was what I thought I was at heart. Just a negative vessel that dragged all the components of space around down with me, and this EP deals with that.”

You can get your teeth sunk in and right into the thick of the ‘Safety First’ EP exclusively below.

If you’re looking for a bit more depth to what’s being fed into your ears right now, Churcher has added a bit more context to the tracks, and what they’re all about.

“‘Broken Teeth’ is dealing with that frustration about being unhappy with yourself and your relationships to the point where you don’t see any signs of light at the end of the tunnel and just want to end it, but as things in life change it makes you reassess how you’re coping with that belief and those feeling of worthlessness in others and yourself.

For me, this stems from how I’ve always negatively seen myself and not being able to deal with those thoughts I’ve ingrained in my head and trying to continuously pull myself out from it. Countless nights spent writing letters to myself, telling myself how much better everyone would be without me. In a way it’s almost a twisted kind of therapy to try and project some of those demons onto a piece of paper.

While a lot of the same merits can be attributed to ‘S.I.C.K.’, it applies to being unhappy in a relationship, knowing it’s going nowhere, and feeling like you’re the one to blame for everything when you’ve tried your hardest but the other person hasn’t reciprocated that they want to be with you. Going from being three incredibly unhappy and emotionally vacant guys, to all finding stability, love, and support is something we have felt since we started MSRY and it’s been a catalyst of change for us.

‘Safety First’ is a tongue-in-cheek reference to how people tell you to find a safe route in life, find a secure and stable job, do this, do that, be the norm. I remember back when I first started wanting to be a musician, and everyone said to me “Don’t do it, do something else,” and I remember specifically my girlfriend at the time told me “I have friends who are way more talented than you, it’s not worth it, find something else to do with your life.” Ouch, right?

And it’s always been those kind of conversations and little quips people say to me that drive me to keep doing this, almost as a defiance to what people would class as safety. It also helps that we have complete reckless abandon for our own health and safety when it comes to being on stage, so kind of like a double layer of satire to it.

‘Trump Card’ and ‘Freedom’ are written more in the vein of our political beliefs, coming from a generation which have grown up to be incredibly open minded and inclusive of all walks of life and beliefs, and pushing against the ideologies of the old. Seeing political figures almost akin to being social tyrants and oppressing people and other nations is something that you can’t really escape in the media growing up now, and I think that’s probably for the best. We need more people to become politically minded and have this generation speaking to get their voices head.”

If you’re digging ‘Safety First’, you can pre-order the EP online now from their official webstore (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).