PREMIERE: Steven Battelle debuts video for ‘Shipwrecked’!

Credit: Rob Baker Ashton

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and performer Steven Battelle recently dropped his new album, ‘Midnight Between Months’, his second full-length offering since disbanding LostAlone.

We’ve teamed up with the esteemed and creative British singer/songwriter to bring you the exclusive premiere of the brand new video for ‘Shipwrecked’, directed Rob Baker Ashton.

You can check it out below.

We caught up with Steven to talk about the new album, his upcoming London show in September, and more.

DP!: Hi, Steven. Congratulations on the new record! ‘Midnight Between Months’ has some mesmerising lyrics on it. What’s your favourite lyric on the record at the moment, and why?
SB: Thank you, and thanks for focusing on the lyrics which I’m really proud of. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I do think that the chorus to ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ feels special to me and really seems to have resonated with fans.

As always with my lyrics, they have a meaning initially and then reveal new hidden depths to me as some time passes. The chorus to this song really seems to have come from a new place within me and is very reflective on my life experiences, which, although felt very personal seem to be familiar to everyone.

“Remember when the your heart was light
When all your dreams were still in sight
Before the clouds consumed your mind
Where all the scars were made
Remember when your thoughts were ghosts
When all yours fears were drenched in hope
And time was just an alibi
A magic carpet ride
You are all you leave behind”

DP!: How would you describe ‘Midnight Between Months’ to someone unfamiliar with your work?
SB: Well, I guess if I was to coin a phrase about myself then it would be to not judge a book by its chapters because, with my records, every single song is a totally different animal to the previous song, and not by design, but due to not setting any limits on genre. So, if you’ve heard I’m a big purveyor of the huge guitar riffs then song one, which is only orchestral, may have you thinking you got the wrong Steven. You’ll find the devastating guitar on the record, but, for me, the beauty is in listening to it all in order and letting it hit you as intended at the critical points. The record makes more sense that way.

DP!: How have you found the reaction has been to the new album so far?
SB: It’s been lovely. I’ve a very dedicated base of wonderful people all around the world who’ve supported my music all through LostAlone and into my solo records. I think they know now that whatever I do that the love, care, and obsession that goes into it will be of the highest order, and that I wrestle with every little nuance to be sure that every single moment on the record is as I want it to be heard.

It’s great to be picking up new listeners as well. I guess I always just assumed that the entry point to liking my solo music would be LostAlone, but more and more I’m hearing from fans who only got into my songs recently, which is cool.

DP!: You’ve said that the album is best listened to as one piece either in the dark or travelling. Can you explain why that is?
SB: Well, the past eighteen months for me has been full of travel and writing songs for other artists all over the planet. The majority of ‘Midnight Between Months’ was written in transit, or in stolen moments in hotels, or wandering new cities, and for those reasons it really feels like a record that works best on the move.

The darkness suggestion really comes from my hope that people will really experience the sonics and inhabit the world that the record creates. I find that the best way in modern life to experience this is to be in the dark with no technology to distract. So, ideally, ‘Midnight Between Months’ would be listened to on a plane, or train, or back of a car at night.

DP!: ‘Shipwrecked’ is a vocal led epic that has surprises throughout. Can you tell us about the meaning behind the song?
SB: ‘Shipwrecked’ is one of my favourite lyrics I’ve ever written. If you want to know my mind directly after the final LostAlone show then this is the song that documents that feeling. It’s a mournful song and contains everything that I wanted to say about leaving behind the most significant part of my life.

I thought it was really important that the first verse contained no other music, and to just be my voice and then let the song build through all of my internal conflicted feelings about what was happening to me into the final crescendo of part of my mind pleading to another part of my mind.

DP!: Your first live show in three years will take place in London next month. How are you preparing for the gig?
SB: Rehearsing a lot with my live band. I’ve been playing solid with the guys for three years now, even though I rarely actually play live. So, right now – today in fact – I’m designing a set list for the show and will try it out tonight with the guys.

Mentally is a whole other ball game. I’ve started to miss touring so much, and so only having the one show in the diary is a type of self-inflected mental torture. I know the second that I come of stage a depression will fall upon me due to not having another show to play. I toured non-stop for eight years of my life, and so to not have it as part of a regular schedule is leaving a large hole.

DP!: What can fans look forward to at the show?
Steven: I hope, as always, that they’ll be getting an evening of solid entertainment. I’ll be playing songs from both of my solo records with the band, and then I’m intending to break it down and do a little acoustic set of some LostAlone songs. I’m looking forward, as always, to seeing the faces that I’ve come to know so well from all the years of playing live and to see some new people. I always come out after the show to say hello, so I’m looking forward to that.

Steven Battelle‘s second album, ‘Midnight Between Months’, is out now via Suffer For My Art.

You can order the album online via his official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

His next show is at the Boston Music Room, London on September 12th 2019, and you can buy tickets to the show online now from

You can keep up-to-date with him online over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.