PREMIERE: Forlorn debut crushing new song, ‘Forsaken’!

Credit: Jake Owens

Heavy hitting newcomers Forlorn have not long inked a deal with Silent Cult, and they’re allowing us to premiere for you ‘Forsaken’, their first release as part of the label.

The crushing new track acts as the band’s first since they introduced themselves to the world a few months ago, proving that though far from ideal, you can certainly launch a new band in the middle of a global pandemic.

‘Forsaken’ has been debuted with a lyric video, and you can check it out below.

Along with the exclusive premiere of the new song, we had a little chat with vocalist Megan Elliott to get an idea of how Forlorn came to be, how the current pandemic has made them hit the pause button on a few plans, and when we can expect to hear more material.

DP!: You lot are still fresh on the scene. How were the seeds sewn for Forlorn?
M: Forlorn was born from a desire to create music that was hard-hitting and, at times, crushingly heavy but that also blended these expansive, atmospheric passages in a fresh and unique way. Will [Young, vocals] and I were in a hardcore band before that was trying to touch on that vibe, but we never had all the component parts that we needed to make it work. Last summer we found those missing pieces in the form of Edd [Kerton, guitars], Eathan [White-Aldworth, guitars], James [Tunstall, bass] and Jay [Swinstead, drums] and it clicked into place so that we could create something new and different entirely than any of us had been involved in before. We came away from our first recording session with George Lever (for ‘Erased / Emotionless’) with a clear idea of our sound which has really set us on our path now.

DP!: It’s unfortunate that you started to make moves just as the current pandemic started to escalate. How are you finding the current situation that we’re all in? Has it impacted any of your plans?
M: We were really hoping to hit the live scene from June onwards, or at the very least be in a position to announce some shows to coincide with the release of ‘Forsaken’, but, of course, that’s on the backburner for now. We also had a video shoot for our next single booked in which has been postponed and will happen late June instead. Then, of course, there’s the frustration of not being able to be in the same room and practice. To be honest, I just really miss the guys and really would love to have a beer with them and celebrate the signing announcement, single release, etc. It is what it is, we all need to be safe and look out for one another – these restrictions are in place for a reason. On the flip side, we’ve been working away on new songs and now have a bulging pre-production folder. The new demos are monstrous!

DP!: A few of you have some experience in other parts of the industry or are (or have been) in other bands. Do you think this has aided you in giving Forlorn the initial kickstart that you’ve had?
M: I definitely think that having the knowledge of how to “work a release” has helped us immensely. Having not worked in the music industry for a couple of years now I’m not as “in the loop” as I was, but I still have a few contacts/friends in the industry that I chat to – some of which have been super supportive – so that’s really helped us in terms of spreading the word about the band. Before we teamed up with Silent Cult we were fully running the show ourselves and doing everything off our own back so having experienced such a warm welcome as a new band has given us the comfort that we’ve at least been doing something right, haha! As for previous bands (or current bands), they’ve been a good education, but Forlorn is definitely its own entity.

DP!: You’ve only got a handful of songs to your name for now. Do these act as a good representation of Forlorn or is there still plenty more yet to unveil?
M: There’s definitely plenty more yet to unveil. Whilst big heavies with big atmosphere is a key part of the Forlorn sound, we’re taking it to the next level with the next single after ‘Forsaken’, and the new demos beyond that.

DP!: So, here we are with your brand new single, ‘Forsaken’. What’s this song all about?
M: ‘Forsaken’ is centred upon the theme of abandonment. Lyrically, it focuses upon the feeling of being shunned/left in the dark by those around us and how this also extends to nature/the earth as a whole. Instrumentally, there are some big, crushing riffs that bring about a sense of claustrophobia and unease. There are many elements of different metal subgenres in there which makes for an interesting listen. I love this track, it’s full of angst and I can really lose myself in it.

DP!: You also recently confirmed that you’d signed a deal with Silent Cult (Palm Reader, Funeral Shakes, The Pariah). What attracted you to the label? Did you get offers from any others?
M: I actually met Alex and Stef who run Silent Cult whilst I was working for Basick Records and have always kept an eye on what they’re up to (that wasn’t meant to sound creepy but now I’m wondering if it does? Haha!). After we got ‘Erased / Emotionless’ back from mastering, I e-mailed both tracks over to Alex to get his thoughts and he was kind enough to send them around to a few contacts but we didn’t discuss much further at that point. I was then chatting to Stef a little more recently and the topic of Silent Cult and Forlorn working together came up… and here we are! Stef and Alex are lovely, genuine people with a super cool little roster. They also really seem to get what Forlorn is and genuinely care, so we just felt they’d be the right people to release our music.

DP!: Now that there’s a label behind you, what else is on the horizon for Forlorn for the foreseeable?
M: As I mentioned, we have a video shoot for our next single coming up in June so we’ll have that to release later in the summer. Then, as soon as it’s safe for all of us to get into a practice room together, we’ll be able to turn our focus to getting the live set all sorted and polished up. THEN, we’ll be starting to think about recording again.

DP!: Any final words?
M: We really hope you enjoy ‘Forsaken’! Don’t forget you can pre-save the track on Spotify right here, and it’ll be ready and waiting for you in the morning.