PREMIERE: Cutting Teeth storm York in video for ‘Life Of A Loser’!

Credit: Promo

It doesn’t happen all too often, but as a band you can release one track and hit the ground running from there. That’s pretty much what happened with Leeds riff fetishising and hardcore newbies Cutting Teeth a few months back when they dropped their debut single, ‘The Great Delusionist’.

We were one of the first places to bring you that first Cutting Teeth number, and we’ve now teamed up with the boys – composed of vocalist James Thurlby, guitarists Adam Jones and Alex Morgan, bassist Nath Euington, and drummer Jono Roberts – to bring you the exclusive premiere of its follow-up and second single to date, ‘Life Of A Loser’.

Shot by Third Sight Picture, the accompany video sees James pacing down the city streets of York, screaming his hate and aggression in our faces with no-one batting an eyelid before rejoining his fellow bandmates.

You can stream and watch the video for their new song ‘Life Of A Loser’ below.

Along with the video’s premiere, we had a little natter with James to give you all a proper introduction to Cutting Teeth and how they came to be, how the song was pieced together, and what we can expect to come from the boys very, very soon.

DP!: Howdy, James! How’s it going in the Cutting Teeth camp today?
J: It’s going great, thanks. We’ve been really eager to unleash ‘Life Of A Loser’ for a few months now, so it’s great to finally release it.

DP!: Now, you guys are still very fresh on the scene. How did Cutting Teeth come to be?
J: Well, I’ve been playing bass in bands for a good number of years, and I hadn’t felt like I’d really put anything out that I felt whole-heartedly connected to. I’d known Adam (Jones, guitarist) a few years through previous musical avenues, and we got talking and shared a number of key influences and were both eager to write genuine riff hard punk rock with a lot of heart. From there we kind of began to recruit close friends who we knew would really take forward the ideas we had and bring their own speciality to the table.

DP!: Why did you all settle on the name Cutting Teeth for the band?
J: I had the name in my mind since 2015 when I found myself in an odd place – the phrase itself meaning to learn and develop an art or skill – and it was something that I was doing a lot at the time. Funnily enough, when I adopted it to this project, it became all the more fitting as we’re really pushing ourselves as writers and individuals doing things that we’ve never done before and hoping to challenge our audience to try something different and push themselves.

DP!: There are some very obvious influences in your work from the likes of Cancer Bats, Comeback Kid, Every Time I Die, The Bronx and all that lot. Are there any other notable acts that have a big impact on the Cutting Teeth sound and DNA?
J: Well, those bands were really at the forefront of our minds when we first began this project, but slowly we’ve been inspired by bands such as The Fever 333, Knocked Loose, Beartooth, Frank Carter, and Loathe to name a few. We really try to keep listening to new music and try to get inspiration from new bands all the time, be it something Jono (Roberts, drummer) might do on the drums, a guitar part Adam may be influenced by, or an idea for myself vocally.

DP!: We understand that some of you have come from other bands that are still currently active. Is it hard to juggle them alongside this new project?
J: When this first started, I did it as a way to vent and get out my ideas whilst in Amongst Thieves. As I got more excited about the stuff that we were doing and as it began to grow legs and take shape, I really needed to break from that in order to ensure that I wasn’t doing them a disservice nor doing the same to myself. Alex (Morgan, guitarist) is still an active player in both and we respect that as he is as much a key player as anyone else is in this outfit.

DP!: So, here it is – ‘Life Of A Loser’ – your second song released as a band to date. How did the track come together?
J: The initial idea, very fast actually. Adam does this thing where he’ll go quiet for a couple of days then just send a video through to the group chat. Soon after we’d finished work on our first song he just posted it to us as a rough idea, which has kind of stayed the same since he sent it over. I began riffing vocal ideas to myself and once we brought it to the practice room to jam, it all really came together. There was a point where we were playing through it and Nath (Euington, bassist) just said “How about this?” to part of the structure, and came up with this great little bass line during the chorus. He just pulls them out of nowhere, it’s great! There and then it clicked, this was the next release. We had only finished wrapping up the video for our debut single, ‘The Great Delusionist’, then the next week we were back in the studio recording ‘Life Of A Loser’.

DP!: You got a bit of a sizeable backing for your debut single ‘The Great Delusionist’ a few months back now, at least for a band of your size. Did that put any pressure on you at all with this follow-up?
J: Not really. Like everyone else, we wanted to really get something out, and out of the demos we had ‘The Great Delusionist’ just felt right. We knew that was the right track to put out first because, to me, it gives the listener a very lean, very in-your-face and instant picture of what this band is. This second single still retains a lot of the ferocious attitude that ‘The Great Delusionist’ did, but it has a lot of additional elements that people may not expect given the first track, so we hope that people are receptive of that and dig it as much as we do.

DP!: I suppose the title of the song gives us a bit of an indication, but why not tell us what it’s all about?
J: Lyrically the track is about insecurities and anxiety of anyone in this day and age, young or old. It’s meant to express the thoughts and feelings of anyone going through a hard time battling themselves; their demons and fears. I kind of wrote the lyrics to try and identify with someone going through these times with the hope that if they do feel alone that they know someone else knows how they feel. I also wanted to kind of give them a drive to push against these destructive thoughts and come out the other side, but that’s up to whoever to understand.

DP!: James, it looks like you’re going a bit mental on the streets of York there. Get any funny stares at all whilst shooting for this video?
J: Haha. Well, you’d be surprised to learn that no-one batted an eye to a 6ft2″ guy swinging his arms around while walking towards a guy with a camera. I guess the whole attitude was very… British?

DP!: Of course, people are going to be wondering when they’re going to be hearing more cuts from Cutting Teeth. Is there an EP brewing up? Any further singles in the stockpile that we can be looking forward to soon?
J: We’re in the final stages of recording the EP right now. We have three tracks – additional to ‘The Great Delusionist’ and Life Of A Loser’ – that will feature, and we’re hoping to have this out by the end of summer. But we’re non-stop with demos and inspiration at the moment, so who knows? Maybe there’ll be more than one EP out by the end of 2018?

DP!: We’re also keen on seeing how this all comes together live. What’s your touring schedule looking like at the moment?
J: We were pretty overwhelmed when Perspective Management got in touch and offered to help us, literally off of one show and one release. We jumped at the chance, and we’ve got quite a few really amazing opportunities in local shows around Leeds booked that have been announced.

23rd June – The Packhorse, Leeds (supporting ThisCityIsOurs)
18th July – Temple of Boom, Leeds (supporting Parting Gift and Modern Error)
24th July – The Key Club, Leeds (supporting Create To Inspire and Lifetight)
2nd September – The Key Club, Leeds (supporting Martyr Defiled)

There’s a pretty varied amount of genres there, but as long as we’re available, we’re pretty much taking anything and everything that’s offered to us. We just want to get out and play as much as we can. We’ve got more to announce in more cities other than Leeds.

DP!: Sound! Thanks for the chat fellas, and for the new track too. Any final words for our readers?
J: Thank you for all of your support. Everyone’s reactions and kind words when releasing ‘The Great Delusionist’ were beyond what we expected, and we’re beyond excited to release more material and get out there and play shows. So from camp Cutting Teeth, we hope you enjoy ‘Life Of A Loser’! Cheers for your time, DEAD PRESS!

More details surrounding the band and their forthcoming releases and touring plans will be confirmed as they develop.

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