PREMIERE: Beachmaster put trash to good use in ‘Only If You Know’ video!

Credit: Promo

Whoever said that you can’t do anything with trash is talking a load of rubbish, at least that’s what Penrith, Cumbria based trio Beachmaster show us in the video for ‘Only If You Know’.

We’ve teamed up with the emo punks to deliver you the exclusive premiere of the song’s video, and this is what the band’s vocalist/guitarist CJ Zanelli said regarding the motivation behind the track.

“I usually write songs cryptically in the hope that people will take their own meaning from them, but I wrote ‘Only If You Know’ from my own despondence to the rising levels of disregard towards the environment in my local area and the world at large.”

You can check out the video for ‘Only If You Know’ below.