PREMIERE: As Everything Unfolds get reflective on ‘Closure’ EP!

Credit: Promo

It was a barely a year ago that As Everything Unfolds released their ‘Collide’ EP, and now they’re ready to move onto their next chapter with its follow-up, ‘Closure’; an apt title for the record.

Along with a progression musically, vocalist Charlie Rolfe has also looked inwards, opting for a more reflective and personally motivated telling of past conflicts with other people and even herself – something that we can all relate with.

We’ve got together with the band to bring you all the full ‘Closure’ EP in its entirety ahead of its release tomorrow (October 19th 2018).

Not only that, but Rolfe, has also shared with us a full track-by-track of the record to allow us to fully absorb and associate with the desire and need for closure in all of our lives.

01.) 17:10
’17:10′ is about being betrayed by a close friend; one of the worst feelings that can ever be experienced by a person. When you connect and bond with someone, put all your trust into them and they just throw it back in your face, it crushes you completely and really makes you reevaluate your entire relationship with them and all those around you. This song is my closing chapter in a saga where I felt so angry and hurt by this person. All I wanted to do was channel all of those negative feelings into a better, more positive place. Just like the lyrics say in the song, I am now able to hold my head up and move on.

02.) Despondency
This was such a heart-wrenching song to write, because it was about being held down when you know deep in your core that you’re able to give so much more. ‘Despondency’ is about the frustrations and anxieties of being held down by someone at every step of your journey, a really core principal that I wanted to include in the video. I wanted the imagery of being held down to be incredibly prominent, with my escape shining light on how I over came these feelings and was able to come out on top.

03.) Divided
‘Divided’ is probably the song I’m the most emotionally invested into. It’s the collective feeling of looking back in anger at losing such a close friend; trying to fix what happened, whilst equally knowing that you don’t want to and even if you did, you can’t fix the past. I spent a lot of time making this song be a reflection of this mindset, but I felt like having an “angel and devil on my shoulder” kind of perspective would add a lot of depth to the song. Our good friend Sam Stolliday laid down the vocals for that perspective in one take, and I knew from that moment that his contribution was the icing on the cake I was looking for.

04.) You Will Be
‘You Will Be’ is a mantra. A phrase you can repeat to yourself to get through all the negativity in the world and become the person you wish to become. You will be the everlasting and you will be all you wanted. We’re a band that’s not shy when it comes to speaking out about mental health and we really wanted a song to reflect how we get through our daily struggles and how together we can all overcome our own problems. If it wasn’t for this mantra or any of the others that we tell ourselves daily, then we would never have made it this far or started the journey to become the people we want to become.

05.) Centuries
Out of the entire EP, ‘Centuries’ is definitely the most angry. Everything in the world seems so broken and too many people are putting their trust in false hope, false gods, and false prophets. Everyone expects someone else to fix their problems for them, instead of just taking responsibility of their actions and being the change they want to see in the world. I cannot fathom why a God would create a world so full of hate, corruption, and sadness. If the almighty does exist, then I refuse to bow to a maker who would let his own creation descend into chaos.

‘Closure’ is out on October 19th 2018, and you can pre-order it online via the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.