NEWS: ZAND portrays a “showdown with the devil” on new single, ‘Luci’!

Credit: Promo

After giving it a few months for debut single ‘Boys Like U’ to nestle into the airwaves, British singer/songwriter Zand is now ready to deliver its follow-up, ‘Luci’.

The song originally premiered over on Dork, who in their article described it as “Part hellish nursery rhyme, part graffiti sprayed warning.”

Speaking about the lyrics driving the song, and Zand‘s intent in its delivery and overall sound, they’ve explained further.

“The lyrics of ‘Luci’ tell a tale of a fatal showdown with the devil. A story unfolds from start to finish, but I’d like to leave up to the listener to decide whether that demon is metaphorical or real. In the studio I wanted this to sound like the score for a fucked up sci-fi thriller movie, except with obnoxious cheerleader-style gang vocals from yours truly. I hope it makes people want to kick things.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Luci’ below.

The song is expected to feature on a forthcoming EP or album, more details of which will be confirmed as they develop.