NEWS: Woe, Is Me make statement on Tyler Carter’s departure!

Earlier this week, Tyler Carter announced that he was leaving the band Woe, Is Me as their vocalist, and his full statement can be read here. The band have issued their own statement regarding the situation, which can be read below:

“For those who have not yet heard: Woe, Is Me and Tyler Carter have parted ways.

It comes without saying that constantly touring is tough emotionally and physically… all I can say is it’s sad to see a friend go and we wish him the best of luck.

Our band’s message has always been to follow your dreams, no matter what… so make no mistake: we will continue to follow ours, while Tyler follows his. Whether they lead us to the studio, in a bus touring the US, or cramped in a tiny van touring Europe.

This issue is a small bump in the road of this band’s career in music. Nothing is going to stop us. We’ve all been pushing ourselves to our full capabilities on this new music (that we’re recording as I type this). Stay tuned for the announcement of a new US tour, studio updates, and much more!

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