NEWS: Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) features in surfing documentary, Ocean Talk!

Winston McCall, vocalist for Australian metalcore monsters Parkway Drive, has featured in a short documentary called Ocean Talk, in which he talks about his love of bodyboarding and the ocean, and how it inspires him to write music. You can watch it below:

Winston also had the following to say about it; “My life comes in facets. Anyone who knows me sees it, but it’s really rare that anyone gets the chance to witness the two major ones played out next to each other.

Ever since I started Parkway I had friends in the bodyboarding community who were curious. They would see my tattoos and hear my music and try to wrap their heads around it. No matter how much I tried to explain why I loved playing music, or compare the rush of a wave to the rush of being in stage, they never fully understood. I found it to be pretty much the same on the other side of the proceedings.

Playing late nights with bands who more often than not had never seen a wave let alone ridden one is amazing, but trying to explain the connection has been challenging to say the least. When the concept for this project came about I felt it would be the perfect way to bring both worlds into the same frame.

This is who I am, in both the simplest words possible but in more depth than most would expect. My hope is this can finally shed some light for anyone interested in what makes me the person I am, and where my inspiration is sparked.”

Parkway Drive will be returning to the UK for a headline tour run in December.