NEWS: William Francis (William Control/Aiden) refutes “sex cult” allegations via videos!

Credit: Twitter (@williamcontrol)

In June of last year, a number of allegations surfaced online against William Francis, who’s known for his solo work as William Control and being the vocalist for the now defunct punk band Aiden.

The allegations that came to light claimed accounts of abusive behaviour, sexual misconduct, rape, signing a “blood contract”, and more.

An article on Sick Chirpse (which you can read here) detailed an allegation from a user on Facebook named Vitoria Chan, who claimed that Francis operated what she described as a “sex cult”, and that he had “groomed” her into it when she was aged 14.

Further allegations then began to come to light which were also sexual in nature, some of which are detailed in an article published by The Daily Beast (which you can read here).

Since these allegations were made, Francis has continuously denied the claims, and issued a statement (here) denying them too.

Now, to illustrate his defence case further, Francis has released a series of videos over the past few weeks in which he continues to refute them which you can view below. However, be advised that some of the content included is sexually explicit in nature.

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

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