NEWS: William Control announces that Aiden are to split up!

Aiden frontman William Control (AKA William Francis) has revealed that the bands next album will be their last.

The singer has stated that; ‘There will be one more Aiden album, mainly because I feel I left things on such a cliff in the midst of finishing our contract with Victory (Records). And like I said, I’m not the same kid that started Aiden anymore, but I do love Aiden and jumping around on stage. It’s a young man’s game though, and I’m not a young man anymore, you know? Warped Tour is a young man’s game. I want to appease the audience that has been with me and followed us for so long, but at the same time I feel sort of like a liar singing those songs on stage that I wrote and sung when I was teenager fresh out of jail. Those are songs I wrote because I was so angry at everything and wanted to change the world, but now I don’t give a fuck. [laughs] Now I want to tell fictional stories about whips and chains. You know, things that matter’.

There has been no information of the bands upcoming album as of yet.