NEWS: Wildways share video for religion confronting track, ‘Lost’!

Credit: Promo

Russian metalcore troupe Wildways question the idea of faith and the validity and trust you can place into religion in a dark and somewhat confrontational video for ‘Lost’.

Vocalist Toli Borisov has spoken further on the message of intent with the song, which comes from the band’s sophomore album, ‘Day X’.

“I’ve lost my faith somewhere inside, I lose myself somewhere in faith – these words from the song are about my religious views. I’m not a believer but in the same time I can’t call myself an atheist. We have to believe in ourselves. All the other stuff, it’s just for another power.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Lost’ below.

The band’s sophomore full-length album, ‘Day X’, is out now through Pale Chord Music.

You can purchase the album online now from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).