NEWS: While She Sleeps scavenger hunt USBs hold new song, ‘Anti-Social’!

Credit: Promo

Today, metalcore favourites While She Sleeps have been sending some of their fans on a wild frenzy of a hunt for some rather enigmatic USBs in the form of a scavenger hunt.

They teased the idea yesterday, and you can read our initial report on this a here.

The hunts were being held in London and the band’s hometown of Sheffield, asking for fans to make their way to a specific location in each of the respective cities within a two hour window.

Upon arriving, they’d found a person standing there in a white hazmat suit carrying a bag full of USBs beside a sign that read “I’m not anti-social. I’m anti-bullsh?t”.

Fans would then approach the anonymous figure to claim one of the limited edition USBs containing exclusive new music from While She Sleeps.

It turns out the USB contains a clip of a brand new song, titled ‘Anti-Social’, which is expected to feature on the band’s forthcoming and yet-to-be-titled fourth full-length album.

One of the lucky and quick on their feet fans who picked up one of the USBs has uploaded the song onto Dropbox. You can stream and listen to the clip here.

The full song is expected to be released on Monday (October 29th 2018).

More details surrounding the band’s fourth album and follow-up to 2017’s ‘You Are We’ will be confirmed as it develops.