NEWS: Wes Scantlin (Puddle Of Mudd) involved in police standoff in LA!

Credit: Promo

According to a report made by celebrity news website TMZ, it appears that Wes Scantlin, frontman for Missouri based rock outfit Puddle Of Mudd, was involved in a police standoff on Saturday (April 2nd 2016) at his home in Los Angeles, California. Allegedly, the police arrived responding to a report about a burglary in a car sitting in the singer’s driveway, to which Scantlin ran into his home and refused to leave.

Following multiple attempts of requesting Scantlin to comply with the enforcement’s request, they called in back-up, resulting in at least 30 armed officers with rifles being involved in the standoff. After several hours, the police gained access to the property and arrested Scantlin after removing him from his home, reportedly for a previous warrant and not the burglary report.

You can find the full report stated on TMZ‘s website (here).

This news follows just days after the other members of Puddle Of Mudd walked offstage mid-set at their show in Doncaster, leaving Scantlin onstage alone and apparently not wishing to perform with him. You can watch a video of Scantlin‘s rant at that show here.

The band’s latest full-length, ‘Volume 4: Songs In The Key Of Love & Hate’, is available now through Flawless Records.