NEWS: We Are The Ocean release deluxe album next Monday!

Post-hardcore Brits We Are The Ocean are set to release their debut album ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ as a deluxe 2-disc package next week on October 4th through Hassle Records. The first disc will feature the original album release, and the second will feature a few brand new songs, b-sides and the whole of their self-titled EP from 2008 which sold out in 24-hours of being available.

Here is the full tracklisting of both CDs from the release:

Disc 1 – Cutting Our Teeth
01.) Look Alive
02.) Our Days Are Numbered
03.) All Of This Has To End
04.) Confessions
05.) These Days, I Have Nothing
06.) Don’t Take Chances
07.) (I’ll Grab You By The) Neck Of The Woods
08.) Are You Proud Of Me Now
09.) I Used To Be So Much More
10.) This Is Called My Home

Disc 2 – New Tracks (*), b-sides (^) and self-titled EP (#)
01.) Get Out While You Can (*)
02.) Lucky Ones (*)
03.) Waiting (*)
04.) Playing My Heart (*)
05.) Cutting Our Teeth (^)
06.) Drag Me Down (^)
07.) Don’t Be Careless (#)
08.) Nothing Good Has Happened Yet (#)
09.) Welcome To My Broken Home (#)
10.) Ready For The Fall (#)
11.) (I’ve Never Felt This) God Damn Good (#)
12.) Days (#)
13.) “Save Me!” Said The Saviour (#)

Along with the album reissue, WATO will also be selling a book to accompany the re-release entitled ‘3 Years’, which documents the life of the young band so far, through words, pictures and personal thoughts. It will be available through the Hassle Records website!