NEWS: We Are The In Crowd hint at potential reunion!

Nearly four years since they confirmed their indefinite hiatus, fans of pop-rockers We Are The In Crowd are still eagerly-awaiting their return. Well, that might be happening pretty soon.

The band issued a cryptic tweet earlier today, displaying an animated image of the band, dressed like they’re in the Wild West and riding a horse… perhaps a suggestion that they’re getting back on the saddle?

Since their hiatus, the members have been focusing on other musical outlets. Vocalist Tay Jardine, bassist Mike Ferri, and guitarist Cameron Hurley have all been working on a pop project called SAINTE, whilst Hurley has been focusing on a song remashing project called new.wav too.

Of course, as with all cryptic tweets, nothing is certain, but seeing as though the band’s Twitter account has barely posted anything We Are The In Crowd related over the past four years, it’s pretty certain that this is something related to the band.

We will share more news on what all of this means as it develops.