NEWS: We Are The In Crowd go on indefinite hiatus; members start new project!

After much speculation as to when a new We Are The In Crowd album would present itself, vocalist Tay Jardine has confirmed in a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine that the band have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus, and are now working on new “more pop” project with all other members of the band, not including guitarist/vocalist Jordan Eckes. You can read a short excerpt from the interview with Jardine below:

“We had written a new record, but it felt like it was a totally different sound for us – it didn’t feel like WATIC. So, why call it that? Because WATIC will always exist – nothing can stop that. Right now, what we’re looking forward to is starting this brand-new project…”

“The main difference is the sound in general – it’s mainly based around my vocals and my vision for music. It’s definitely more pop. It’s definitely not heavier! It’s very… I’m afraid to use the word ‘dancey’, because it’s not, like, techno or anything. But you can tell it’s come from WATIC.”

“I don’t think it would feel the same if we put the WATIC stamp on this. I’d rather call it something new because the sound is so different… I don’t want to confuse people. If our fans truly, truly want a new WATIC record to come out, that’s what we’ll eventually do. But, right now, we’re so committed to this new project.”

The full interview has been screenshotted and uploaded by a user on the image hosting website Imgur (here).

More news surrounding this new project and/or any other developments with We Are The In Crowd will be confirmed as and when it develops.