NEWS: Waterparks release (kind of) new song, ‘Entertainment 2019’!

Credit: Promo

Pop-rock trio Waterparks had been teasing the release of something new for a while on Twitter. Now the band have officially released their (more or less) new track, ‘Entertainment 2019’.

Due to the band not actually owning any of their records prior to this year’s ‘Fandom’ due to apparent legal issues with their previous label, Equal Vision Records, they’ve re-recorded, mixed, and meddled a variety of songs from their second album into one single track.

The mix lasts for over seven minutes, and includes all kinds of elements from ‘Tantrum’, ‘Peach (Lobotomy)’, and more.

The track was produced by Zakk Cervini, and can be streamed and listened to below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain whether or not Waterparks plan to do the same thing with their 2016 debut full-length, ‘Double Dare’.