NEWS: wars debut new song, ‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’!

Credit: Promo

British post-hardcore unit wars have just debuted a new song called ‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’, the latter half of their two-track EP, ‘Chapter Two’.

As the name suggests, ‘Chapter Two’ acts as the second instalment of the band’s series of EP drops, which will eventually culminate into the release of their forthcoming album, ‘A Hundred Shivers’.

Vocalist Rob Vicars had this to say of the track.

“‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’ is about the danger of adjusting too much to your surroundings, constantly trying to live within the emotional means of your environment; which can leave you oscillating between feeling too much and not feeling at all. I think there’s a point where you become numb and a point soon after that where it all comes rushing back and it’s a battle at both ends of the spectrum.”

You can stream and check out ‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’ below.

The band’s sophomore full-length album, ‘A Hundred Shivers’, is expected to become fully formed and released in 2021 via A Wolf At Your Door Records.