NEWS: Warped Tour can’t legally return until 2023!

After coming to an end last year, there have been talks of Warped Tour making an eventual return, with Attila frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzack stating at the tail-end of 2019 that he hopes to revive it.

Initially word from Fronz after speaking with the touring festival’s founder Kevin Lyman was that “it’s not looking so great unfortunately”, but we now have a little more detail on what this means.

In a recent interview on the No Jumper podcast, Fronz shared with host Adam22 that legally Warped Tour can’t make its return for at least three more years, meaning that the earliest a Warped Tour may take place again is 2023.

You can read a short excerpt from the interview in which Fronz discusses the Warped Tour situation below.

“So, this is probably the biggest question I ever get asked. Like, “Yo, Fronz, when is Warped Tour coming back?”, but the reality of it is- I can’t disclose too much information, but for legal reasons Warped Tour cannot come back for another three years or so, and me and the founder, Kevin Lyman, are actually good friends. A lot of people don’t know that, but the reason is is for the four years we did Warped Tour I was hustling my clothing company Stay Sick on Warped as well.

So, I was awake bright and early every morning and no band dudes wake up in the morning. All band dudes wake up some time in the afternoon, but I was the first person in a band to be awake every single morning and Kevin saw that and respected me for wanting to work hard, and push my brand, and grow myself. So, we became friends and he likes to drink beer too, so we ended up drinking beer all the time and just having conversations, and I’ll never forget, it was probably like Warped Tour 2017 maybe or 2018, he pulled me aside in San Diego and was like “Fronz, like, do you wanna buy Warped Tour? Like, do you want to take over? Like, I’m done” and he threw out a number.

The number was a little beyond what I had at the moment, but just the thought of that really- it never left me because I wanted to do it, and I retouched conversation with him shortly after just to be like “Hey, I’m serious. I want to do this” because Warped Tour was important for me growing up, and I know it’s important for our current generation and future generations, and I’m very much a business man so I want to be the one that takes on Warped Tour.

And we had a conversation probably, I don’t know, three months ago I would say? Three or four months ago, and he explained to me that for legal reasons, which I can’t go into depth, Warped Tour can’t come back for at least another three years or so, but after that I’m happy to re-open conversation, and hopefully I’m the one that brings it back because I have a really good plan for how to make it sustainable and make Warped Tour bigger than it’s ever been.”

You can stream and check out the full interview below, but if you just want to check out the conversation about bringing Warped Tour back skip to the 13:47 mark.