NEWS: Wargasm share new song ‘Your Patron Saints’!

Credit: Promo

After a little bit of downtime, London duo Wargasm have now debuted a brand new single called ‘Your Patron Saints’, and it comes with an accompanying video too.

This is what the two-piece had to say of the track.

“I am Jack’s cold sweat // I am the patron saint of disappointment.

The song was born in the middle of a small breakdown in a supermarket earlier this year. Every single one of us has been living in this weird limbo state for just over a year now; the incessant cycling of loneliness, loss, apathy, self discovery and monotony build and build and build until you feel like you’re going to burst. This is our release, our prayer, it’s cathartic. You don’t always know what every song you write means at first, but the important thing is that you write it.

One thing we do know, shit is definitely out of control.”

Directed by Haris Nukem, who’s worked with the band in the past along with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud, you can check out ‘Your Patron Saints’ and its video below.