NEWS: Wargasm drop new song, ‘Pyro Pyro’!

Credit: Promo

Up-and-coming London duo Wargasm have released a brand new single, ‘Pyro Pyro’, along with an accompanying video (directed by Olli Appleyard).

Here’s what the two-piece had to say about the track.

“We’re all starting to get a little psycho psycho – we’re all feeling it. Don’t lie to yourself, you know what we mean. To pass the time we found ourselves watching a documentary on how Grimes uses laser shots from games and gun shots to build her beats and decided to do the same. It sounded scatty, pissy and lost – I guess that’s how the lyrics came about. This claustrophobic feeling of separation sickness and asphyxiation is really getting to some of us. We hope people enjoy the lyrics. It’s nicer screaming into the void, if you can picture the void screaming back.”

You can check out ‘Pyro Pyro’ and watch its video below.