NEWS: Vukovi release new single, ‘Hurt’!

Credit: Samantha Guess

Scottish duo Vukovi have just released a new single called ‘Hurt’, their third offering since last year’s sophomore full-length, ‘Fall Better’.

The track saw its premiere last night during the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1. This is what vocalist Janine Shilstone had to say of it.

“‘Hurt’ is about recovering from an abusive relationship and fantasising about what you would do or say to that person if you ever saw them again. The original demo of this was done on GarageBand with just piano strings bass drum and voice and is about a third of the speed. When I sent it to Hamish that’s when it turned into this. An absolute abomination… it’s a venomous song lyrically and musically and I think it’s probably the strongest song we’ve released SO FAR.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Hurt’ below.