NEWS: Vukovi debut new single, ‘SLO’!

Credit: Promo

Scottish duo Vukovi have just debuted a new single called ‘SLO’, their first offering since the release of their sophomore album ‘Fall Better’ earlier this year.

Vocalist Janine Shilstone has expanded further on the track, which was co-written with Spice Girls songwriters, Andy Watson and Paul Wilson.

“‘SLO’ is comparing my OCD to an abusive relationship. You have a warped outlook on what healthy behaviour is. You forget what it’s like living a normal life. It has this god like status that makes you believe you wouldn’t survive if it was ever to leave you. You have a toxic reliance on it and in your eyes that condones reckless behaviour.”

You can stream and listen to ‘SLO’ below.

At the time of writing, it’s assumed that ‘SLO’ will remain as a stand alone single.