NEWS: Volumes drop new single, ‘Get Enough’!

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Metalcore unit Volumes have dropped a new single called ‘Get Enough’, their first offering of new material to come so far this year.

Here’s what the band had to say of the track.

“‘Get Enough’ is about the point in someone’s life where everything eventually is for personal gain. Things can get very isolating and lonely when someone is knowingly going out of their way to use and deceive something or someone for self-benefit. The song is essentially having that conversation with yourself — a nice hard look in the mirror. In general, we feel like now more than ever with as instantly gratifying as life can be, it’s more important to always look at the bigger picture and take a breather. This song speaks to that narrative.

This song is a step out of the realm Volumes has existed in for a long time. It’s showcasing another side of the band that has been percolating for quite some time. Introducing a new sonic direction was something crucial on our minds for this album and we couldn’t be more excited with the outcome. We are looking forward to playing this one live.”

You can check out ‘Get Enough’ and its video below.