NEWS: Vocalist Tom Barber confirms he has left Lorna Shore!

After being publicly confirmed as the new vocalist for Chelsea Grin just a short while ago, taking the place of Alex Koehler who parted ways with the group for health reasons, Tom Barber has in turn confirmed he’s no longer a member of Lorna Shore.

Questions arose from fans for both bands shortly after Barber was confirmed to be their new vocalist, and also features on their brand new single, ‘Dead Rose’.

Barber has since posted a short statement explaining he’s no longer a member of Lorna Shore, and that the band will make an official announcement of their own shortly.

“I know you all have some questions but I’m gonna keep this short and sweet! I love anyone who has supported me over the years with my musical endeavors your support has kept me from dark times and for that I am forever grateful, Lorna shore will always be one of my greatest feats I have done in my life but like all things people grow and people grow apart and I no longer felt a calling for Lorna I wish them the best in all they do! Their vocalist they have lined up will continue to deliver the Lorna sound you grew with over the years! This is a new era for me join me or not the empire will only grow.”

Barber was one on the founding members of Lorna Shore, and has featured on both of their full-length records to date, the latest being last year’s ‘Flesh Coffin’.

Judging from reaction from other members of the band online following the release of Chelsea Grin‘s statement, it seems that Barber‘s departure from Lorna Shore may not have been entirely amicable.

The band are expected to make an announcement confirming Barber‘s departure along with his replacement soon.