NEWS: Violet release post break-up 5-track EP, ‘Colours’!

Having released a stream of a brand new track from the release every few days throughout the month, Derby’s defunct sextet Violet have now released the final track ‘Winter Living’ to complete their 5-track EP, ‘Colours’.

The EP features tracks that were written before the British post-hardcore outfit parted ways back in 2014, and were finally recorded at Anemic Studios as an overdue parting gift in November/December.

The band have made the release available for free download (here), and it can also be streamed in full via YouTube (here).

Clean vocal duties were taken up by Tezz Roberts of Wirral based outfit Pavilions, who supported Violet on their final headline tour. The already recorded drums (presumably done prior to their split) by Robbie George were converted into MIDI format, and then programmed into studio drum format for the recordings and final mix.

At the time of writing, it appears that Violet have no plans or intention to return in any capacity or to tour to promote the release.