NEWS: Vespera reveal new song and video, ‘Deafening, Dissonant’!

Credit: Promo

With only a few songs under their belts to date, Seattle’s Vespera are already fast making a name for themselves in the world of post-hardcore/alternative rock, and now the quartet have just released another song into their catalogue, titled ‘Deafening, Dissonant’.

The track is actually the first that was ever written by the band, and was what spawned them to be in the first place, with its foundation written by frontman and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Wolfe back in 2016 after some touring member stints for the likes of Slaves and Dayshell.

‘Deafening, Dissonant’ also comes with an accompanying video, with some parts shot in the same locations where the 2011 blockbuster Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was filmed, and you can check it out below.

The band are expected to release their yet-to-be-announced debut album in late 2018/early 2019. More news will be confirmed as it develops.