NEWS: Veridian release video for new single, ‘Halo’!

Credit: Promo

British rockers Veridian have just released a video for ‘Halo’, the band’s latest single and the second to come from them since signing with Revival Recordings earlier this year.

Guitarist/vocalist Robbie Everett commented on the song and its message.

“‘Halo’ is a song that focuses on the issues behind social media and how it creates insecurity. It’s particularly focused on Instagram but can reference any social media where you stare into other people’s lives and worlds. No one wants to be seen for who they really are, they will always share a false vision of themselves to everyone else. And that’s emulated in the idea that we see everyone wearing a halo and then question why can’t I have a halo, why can’t my life be as fun and interesting.”

You can watch the video for ‘Halo’ below.

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