NEWS: Underoath tease new song; new album ‘Erase Me’ rumoured!

There seem to be some pretty seriously and excitingly cryptic rumblings going on in the Underoath camp. The Floridian metalcore favourites have began seriously teasing something called ‘Erase Me’ both online and elsewhere, which is expected to be the title of their eighth album. It’ll be their first record since reforming in 2015 after more than a 2-year long hiatus.

Things began to stir earlier this week when a fan shared via Reddit (here) that they’d received a unexpected CD in the post, titled ‘Erase Me’, along with the URL scribbled on it.

Upon playing the CD, it appeared to contain an audio file named “NoFrame_Clip” and, when this has been run through the Shazam service, it comes back as a song titled ‘No Frame’.

When checking the link that’s detailed on the CD, it leads to a website that reads ‘Erase Me’, and also contains a countdown that would end at 8:00PM (GMT) today.

Upon digging into the source code of the website, fans have uncovered that the website’s domain is registered to Fearless Records.

Random fans have also received a text message from featuring a message that materialises to say “Erase Me”, along with a second message featuring the same audio clip that features both on the band’s website and on the posted audio CD.

There’s also been sightings of some posters in New York of some posters, advertising ‘Erase Me’ and the website link.

If that wasn’t enough, to top it all off it has been discovered that there’s a listing (we assume it has been made public by accident) of what appears to be a brand new and forthcoming Underoath album.

According to the listing, which is on EMP (here), the band’s eagerly awaited album is to be called ‘Erase Me’ and will be released on April 6th 2018.

A tentative track listing hasn’t been revealed yet, but the album artwork found on the listing can be seen below.

More details surrounding the record and the band’s activities – which we assume we’ll start getting in just a few hours time – will be confirmed as they develop.