NEWS: Underoath might be recording their ninth album!

Credit: Promo

Underoath have been making the most of a bad situation during the ongoing lockdown with a series of high-scale live stream events, and now it appears that they might be recording a new album.

Guitarist Tim McTague posted an image on his Instagram story yesterday (August 19th 2020) where it appears that both he and vocalist Spencer Chamberlain are together in some form of recording studio with their production/front of house manager, JJ Revell.

Along with tagging these two and the band in the post, he also confirms that they’re “cooking” something, which is undoubtedly some new material.

The band’s latest full-length album, ‘Erase Me’, was released in 2017 and was their first output since they returned from their hiatus in 2015.

More details surrounding further activity and output from the band will be confirmed as it develops.