NEWS: Tyler Carter to assume screamed vocal duties for Issues!

Following the departure of co-vocalist Mike Bohn from Issues, who handled almost all screamed/unclean vocal duties for the band since their inception back in 2012, there has been a lot of uncertainty and apprehension with their fans suspecting they’ll be taking a more pop-driven route.

Though both bassist Skyler Acord and guitarist AJ Rebollo are pitching in to cover some unclean vocals at their live shows, which Rebollo has also already done in some of their recorded work thus far, in an unexpected turn of events it seems like the now sole frontman Tyler Carter will also be assuming some screamed vocal duties moving forward.

You can check out some fan-shot footage of Carter‘s live screams below, which shows the band performing their song ‘Blue Walls’ whilst at Download Festival in Melbourne, Australia last week.

Though at the time of writing it’s uncertain as to how much Carter will be screaming on the band’s eagerly-awaited and yet-to-be-announced third album, it’s pretty safe to assume there’ll still be heavy presence in their work.

UPDATE: In a tweet from Tyler Carter responding to this article, he’s confirmed that all members Issues will be contributing unclean vocals to the band, though they’ll mostly be from guitarist AJ Rebollo.

More details surrounding the forthcoming album will be confirmed as it develops.