NEWS: Tyler Carter (ex-Issues) responds to allegations!

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Tyler Carter, the now former vocalist for Issues, has responded to allegations that surfaced online recently and resulted in him being removed from the band.

Issues confirmed that Carter was no longer a part of the band in a message posted on their social media accounts yesterday.

Carter has issued a statement via his personal social media accounts earlier today, addressing and responding to the allegations raised against them.

You can read his full statement below.

“I want to set to record straight that over my decade as a musician I have no doubt made mistakes. I have crossed boundaries in how I’ve talked to people. In early days I most definitely blurred lines, and had trouble with understanding influence and power dynamics. Something I was not aware existed, and shamefully did not see or recognize until later into my career when I began to understand the responsibility of fame and leadership.

I have never physically assaulted anyone in my life. But I can’t deny that I have escalated conversations and abused my power, leaving people uncomfortable and I will not run and hide from it. I had my inboxes open for people to come and flirt with no thought of repercussions, and I blurred lines when engaging fans or strangers in conversation. I fucked up. I made myself accessible, and I did not discipline myself at all. For this, I’m gravely remorseful. For years I’ve been sorry, I’m not just “sorry because it caught up to me” but there is never an inviting way to put yourself out when it comes to a part of the past and a part of yourself that you’re trying to grow from and make sure to never see again.

I have reached out, in the past, to people that I feel I may have hurt or effected by my antics and out of pure compassion wanted to make sure that they knew I was fully aware of what I did wrong and could only hope that they would be able to find solace and move forward in life. I am not going to use that to deflect the fact that there are people who are valid in their emotions. I will always be sorry for my poor judgment, actions, and shortcomings as an influencer, and will continue to apologize to anyone who needs to hear it no matter how often it’s addressed.

Though I never intended to be a “bad guy” nor had vicious intentions, I was blind in that putting interest in someone younger than me is never ok. Through the years in my career I’ve had to take many steps to recovery, from drugs, alcohol, and revisiting personal childhood trauma/repressed memories that led me to that point, and had to reflect on the mistakes I had made and hurt I may have brought onto others as well. I’ve been in counseling and made my constant best efforts to get to the root of my problems and make honest strides in healing, growing, and accountability.

My obliviously manipulative, narcissistic nature led to me mentally hurting someone that was family to me, and I will be forever in shame and genuine heartbreak that I ever blurred lines between friendship, brotherhood, and mentorship, with feelings of confusion and romantic interest. I say heartbreak because the person I am today and have known of myself for several years can not fathom the stress and angst I may have caused. I have heard you. I have understood you. And I’m sorry.

I am sorry to my followers I have confused or let down with my actions, I have strived to be a leader and protect and provide both inclusivity and a safe space for all. Perhaps some of this came from an overcompensation to correct mistakes I had made in my past. I have always cherished your stories of pain, your connection to my lyrics, and the constant courage of pouring your soul at our feet to give us the great responsibility of being able able to change the world. I have failed you all. I have let you down, no matter how great or small, I have disappointed and dishonoured you. And I will never stop apologizing for that.

Lastly to my fiance – I am sorry to have put you through this turmoil. I understand that in your position of being a positive influence to people, you couldn’t just go by without acknowledging my past. I don’t want you to feel sorrow for having to do this to someone you love and cherish, so I understood, and am taking accountability for my actions.

I have of course since departed from Issues. The legacy of our music, what it means to you all, and how it has guided and healed so many, that will never die, though I’ve tarnished my reputation. I will be taking time to continue the work towards personal growth, processing with my family.


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