NEWS: Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan issues update on fifth album!

Credit: Promo

For many Tool fans, the idea of a fifth album from the band seems like nothing more than a pipe dream, and a record that they won’t believe will ever exist until they’ve physically got it and heard it.

In recent months, it seems like the prospect of a record to follow-up the band’s 2006 offering ‘10,000 Days’ has become a bit more of a reality, with several updates of them working in the studio on putting it together.

After several months of no progress report, vocalist Maynard James Keenan has now offered an update via his Twitter account, stating some final guitars and vocal tracks need to be completed followed by plenty of mixing. He also suggests a release in 2019.

Away from Tool, Keenan has been touring with his other musical outlet, A Perfect Circle, who released their long-awaited fourth album ‘Eat The Elephant’ back in May of this year.

More details surrounding progress on the forthcoming yet-to-be-titled fifth Tool album will be confirmed as it develops.