NEWS: Too Close To Touch surprise release ‘I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 1’ EP!

Credit: Sergio Necoechea

It’s been a little while since we’d heard anything new from Too Close To Touch, whose last output was a small handful of one-off singles at the end of 2017, save for a cover of ‘Let It Be’.

Continuing on as a trio following the departure of guitarist Thomas Kidd and bassist Travis Moore in April 2018, the post-hardcore outfit have now dropped a brand new EP out of nowhere.

Titled ‘I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 1’, the EP contains three brand new tracks and is available to stream online, with now announced plans of a physical release.

You can take a look at the cover artwork and full track listing below.

01.) Hard To Love
02.) Casket
03.) The Fear Of Letting Go

You can stream the full EP online now on YouTube (here), Spotify (here), Amazon Music (here), and Apple Music (here).

Due to the title of the release, it’s expected that there’ll be at least one follow-up EP, titled ‘I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 2’, to be released in the coming months.

It’s also uncertain whether or not there’s also a full-length and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Haven’t Been Myself’ in the works.