NEWS: Tom DeLonge has helped track down alleged sexual predators!

Credit: Promo

Though a lot of his attention in recent years has focused around the extra terrestrial, which resulted in him winning a UFO Researcher of the Year award earlier this year, it seems that Tom DeLonge, frontman for Angels & Airwaves and former member of Blink-182, has been focusing his attention and efforts elsewhere too.

In a recent Facebook post, DeLonge has said that he has helped to track down some alleged sexual predators in San Diego, California. In said post, DeLonge shared the following.

“These asswipes are going to jail for trying to kidnapp a 15 year old girl 48 hours ago. She grew up with my family and my bandmates. We then banned together in Encinitas and we all posted about it. Then, about 10,000 San Diego people were looking for these douchbags and their ugly truck. After they staked out 2 MORE ELEMENTRY SCHOOLS YESTERDAY, the fucking idiot drove back into the SAME FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD where everyone was looking and wiring to crucify him. So… SWAT TEAM took the fuckface down, and like the pussy he is, he ratted out his friend instantly. Still trying to connect all dots to see if it goes all the way to human trafficking and any other horrible sex crimes. But as a Father, I can speak for all other Fathers, these guys are lucky they were grabbed by police and not us.”

You can see an embed of the post, with accompanying photos of the alleged predators it’s referring to, taken from DeLonge‘s official Facebook page below.