NEWS: Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves, ex-Blink-182) got married!

Credit: Instagram (@tomdelonge)

A huge congratulations to Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves, ex-Blink-182, Box Car Racer) and his wife Marie, who got married yesterday.

DeLonge shared the news via his personal Instagram account, and you can check the post out below.

“Today, I married my love Marie with a simple little courthouse visit after being engaged for over a year and a half (sorry I only told you all a couple days ago, ha). She is the most amazing person I have ever met. She never judges, totally accepts you for who you are, and is full of love for everyone and everything. She has made everything in my life better, while genuinely supporting my endless quest to create ambitious art and contribute a positive influence to the world as much as possible. She just lets me be free… with her, I feel free. She is the BEST, congrats to us”