NEWS: Tim Lambesis reportedly reviving As I Lay Dying with new line-up!

The case surrounding Tim Lambesis is pretty well documented and known, but for a brief catch-up for anyone who wasn’t aware, the vocalist was arrested in May 2013, and was charged with soliciting “an undercover detective to kill his wife”, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. His arrest resulted in the metalcore outfit As I Lay Dying dissolving, with the members going on to form Wovenwar whilst Lambesis served his sentence in prison.

Despite being sentenced to a total of six years behind bars from May 16th 2014 following the final verdict of the trail, it was reported that Lambesis had been quietly released from prison in December of last year, and also remarried in April.

Now it is being reported that the wheels are in motion behind-the-scenes that he intends to resurrect As I Lay Dying once more with a completely new line-up, bar Lambesis taking up the mic again, of course. There’s no confirmation as to who will be encompassing the formation for the new era of the band, assuming it is coming together.

There are also rumours that new material has also been whipped up, and that new songs have been worked on since June following a message simply saying “Activity” being tweeted out from both Lambesis directly and the band’s official Twitter account.

It may also be worth noting that Lambesis reportedly made a blog post via the band’s website back in 2014, in which he stated that the status of As I Lay Dying at that point was “sleeping rather than dead”.

At the time of writing, there’s no official word to the validity of these rumours from Lambesis, any potential new band members, or any representatives of Lambesis or the band.

More news surrounding this will be confirmed as and if it develops.