NEWS: Thy Art Is Murder reveal original censored artwork for ‘Holy War’!

Though fans weren’t too keen on the artwork to accompany Thy Art Is Murder‘s upcoming third album, ‘Holy War’, the band have now explained that their originally intended artwork for the record has been censored and, as such, the band have now revealed the original cover. You can take a look at it below along with a statement from the band:

“We wanted Holy War to be our most confronting release to date, and from the moment the album title was conceived and the lyrics were born we had a distinct vision that the album cover artwork must be equally as confronting, as scary, and as real as what we are about as a band. Unfortunately, after circulating our intended album cover around the distributors and retailers, and several meetings with the label, we were told we would have to cover the image, or choose a different cover. Not wanting to alter our desired cover in any way shape or form, we opted to contain it within the album’s packaging and roll with one of the other images from the layout.

Here is our original cover in all its magnificent glory, a child for every religion who has indoctrinated the young and disadvantaged, and sent them off to war and bloody death without cause or reason. This album is for them.”

The band’s new album, ‘Holy War’, is set for release on June 29th 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records. You can pre-order an extremely limited edition picture disc vinyl and a variety of bundle packs from the label’s webstore (here).

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