NEWS: Three members leave The HAARP Machine!

In some strange news, three quarters of up and coming progressive metallers The Haarp Machine have left the band.

Vocalist Mike Semesky, drummer Alex Rudinger, and bassist Ollie Rooney have parted from the Sumerian signed outfit, citing ‘irreconcilable personal differences with our guitarist Al Mu’min’ as the reason behind the departure. The guitarist himself claims that the split was ‘more to do with musical direction’.

As yet there has been no word on whether or not the band will continue with new members or call it a day, but the leaving members ensure us that ‘the three of us are in no way giving up on our music careers and we’d encourage you all to follow our individual YouTube channels to keep up with our tunes while we are in pursuit of our new musical homes’.

Check out the full statement from the band here.