NEWS: TheCityIsOurs tackle loss with new single, ‘Veins’!

Credit: Promo

Centred around the dark but inevitable part of life theme of loss and death, British metalcore upstarts TheCityIsOurs are tackling the subject of grief head on with new single, ‘Veins’.

The song is the band’s first cut of new material since their ‘Hollow Hope’ EP from last year, and sees them go down what they feel is a mature and natural progression into the next stage of their career.

Speaking about the song itself and the themes it discusses, guitarist Mikey Page had this to say.

“‘Veins’ is a very natural progression from previous tracks from THECITYISOURS. As it was the first song written following our ‘Hollow Hope’ EP, it still has the overall vibe people have come to know and love, catchy hooks mixed with dirty breakdowns, but it’s definitely got more of a mature feel with darker themes and lyrical content, exploring some of our most challenging experiences as people. In essence, the gloves have come off, with our new material. We chose to stick to our guns and write exactly what and how we felt at the time, which set a precedent for the the band as a whole moving forward.

It’s a very personal track, written around themes of loss and death, and the emotional journey that inevitably comes with it. We chose to pay homage to one of our earlier releases and write ‘Veins’ as a response to the message in that track. The lyrics are taken from the viewpoint of the person preparing to leave everything they’ve ever known behind and the various emotional stages that individual may experience. The track journeys from fear, to acceptance, and everything in between.”

‘Veins’ comes with an accompanying video, directed by Zak Pinchin, which you can check out below.

More details surrounding a follow-up to the band’s ‘Hollow Hope’ EP will be confirmed as it develops.