NEWS: The Xcerts have gear stolen in Brighton/Hove area!

Credit: Thomas Lisle Brooker

A major spot of bad luck has hit British rock trio The Xcerts, who have fallen victim to a robbery which has seen a bunch of their gear stolen from them.

Unfortunately, the robbery also comes just a few days ahead of their shows celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album, ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’.

Vocalist/guitarist Murray Macleod posted the bad news via their socials, including images of the two guitars and pedal board that were stolen, along with a full list of all of the other property that was taken from them.

The gear was taken in the Brighton/Hove area, and people in the area are asked to keep out an eye for the stolen items in the area that someone may have a hold of or are attempting to sell on.

Those who have any information on their whereabouts are asked to report what they know to the band directly and/or to the local authorities.