NEWS: The Wonder Years return to pop-punk with ‘Brakeless’!

Credit: Promo

Pennsylvania’s The Wonder Years have released a new song called ‘Brakeless’, which sees the band return to the pop-punk sound found across their earlier material.

‘Brakeless’ and their throwback to their earlier sound comes ahead of a special livestream that the band are hosting this Halloween, where they’ll be performing a Blink-182 covers set.

Vocalist Dan “Soupy” Campbell had this to say about the song and how it came together.

“‘Brakeless’ is one of two new songs we recorded over the summer. We were thinking about ways to celebrate the ten year anniversaries of ‘The Upsides’ and ‘Suburbia’. The two records were released a year apart and, maybe, from the outside, they feel like different eras of the band but internally, it was one long, sleep-deprived blur of rest stop bathrooms, Walmart parking lots, airport floors and dirty green rooms. To us, the two records are forever intertwined and needed to be celebrated together.

In a deep-dive through an old hard drive, I stumbled onto a voice-note demo dated during the writing of ‘Suburbia’. It was a song I never showed the band because I didn’t feel like it had a place on the record and the idea struck me to try to go back in time and turn it into a full song. And then we thought, “If we’re going to do a new song in the style of ‘Suburbia’, then we should do one in the style of ‘Upsides’ as well.” So we did. We went back and dug through old-unused ideas from the era. We reread journals and sifted through memories and we wrote two new songs that we feel would be at home on those records and we got the team back together to do it. Steve Evetts who produced and mixed ‘Suburbia’ produced these songs and Vince Ratti who produced and mixed ‘Upsides’ mixed them. Because of the pandemic, Steve produced remotely from California via technology that is way above my pay-grade and so our live engineer, Andy Clarke, engineered for us in person at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia.

Now, like we said, this song wasn’t going to come out for another two months. We challenged y’all to register to vote, check your status and request your mail-in ballot and you showed up in numbers to do that; so we’re keeping our end of the bargain and putting it out now. All that really means is that you should keep your eyes peeled, because there’s more to come and we’re really excited to show you all of what we’ve been working on.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Brakeless’ below.

More details on further releases from The Wonder Years will be confirmed as they develop.