NEWS: The Wonder Years fans uncover details of sixth album, ‘Sister Cities’!

Credit: Promo

If you haven’t heard yet, a few cryptic things have been stirring from the The Wonder Years camp, who we know are planning on releasing their sixth album and follow-up to 2015’s ‘No Closer To Heaven’ this year.

Over the past few fans, fans of the Pennsylvania based pop-punk outfit had been receiving unnamed 7″ vinyl in the post which apparently contains a song and a spoken word poem in a bunch of different languages.

According to a Shazam search, the song is called ‘We Look Like Lightning’. As for the spoken word poem, a fan on Reddit has generously transcribed that, which apparently reads as follows.

“The world is not as big as I have once believed. I may be smaller yet than I have ever imagined. I have loved as you have loved and I have hurt as you have hurt and someday your wounds will reopen and your pain will be my pain. The current is going to carry it to me. It will wash up on my shores. Of this, I am certain. The distance once felt infinite and now feels meaningless. I am everywhere at once. The expanse no longer vast. The gaps since shut. (reads the formula pictured) How do we measure the distance between desperation? How do we measure isolation if not in loneliness? I left pins on a map. I’m handing you the string. Tie them together. Unite us.”

With further Shazam searches, fans have not only uncovered the potential track listing for the record, but also its title – ‘Sister Cities’ – and the accompanying artwork, all of which are detailed below.

01.) We Look Like Lightning
02.) Pyramids Of Salt
03.) It Must Get Lonely
04.) When The Blue Finally Came
05.) Flowers Where Your Face Should Be
06.) Sister Cities
07.) The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me
08.) The Ghosts Of Right Now
09.) Raining In Kyoto
10.) Heaven’s Gate (Sad & Sober)

At the moment there’s no rumoured release date, and the above information uncovered by some hardcore searching by fans is yet to be confirmed by an official source, but still, it’s all very exciting!

More details surrounding all of this will be confirmed as it develops.