NEWS: The Wildhearts confirm tenth album, ’21st Century Love Songs’!

Credit: Promo

Newcastle legends The Wildhearts have confirmed details of their tenth album, ’21st Century Love Songs’, out on September 3rd 2021 through Graphite Records.

The record will act as the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Renaissance Men’, and this is what frontman Ginger Wildheart had to say about it.

“‘Renaissance Men’ reminded me of our first album, ‘Earth Vs The Wildhearts’. No one knew how the fans and press would receive it, so it was balls-to-the-wall rock and fuck ’em if they don’t like it.

Going in again, for ’21st Century Love Songs’, naturally reminded me of our second album, ‘P.H.U.Q.’, where we got to flex our creative muscle, and show everyone what we’re capable of. This time we let the songs simmer until absolutely ready. We let the theme of the album present itself. There’s a subtlety to this album, something that people don’t often associate with The Wildhearts, and a sense of adventure in the unorthodox arrangements of the songs. This is where I become a fan of the band, when we ditch the rule book and just follow our instinct. Sarcastic, fun, angry, proud, experimental, and belligerent, all wrapped up in a big ‘fuck you’, this is the sound of the band in their natural habitat. This time we’re in control.”

You can check out the album cover artwork, full track listing, and pre-order options below.

01.) 21st Century Love Songs
02.) Remember These Days
03.) Splitter
04.) Institutional Submission
05.) Sleepaway
06.) You Do You
07.) Sort Your Fucking Shit Out
08.) Directions
09.) A Physical Exorcism
10.) My Head Wants Me Dead

You can pre-order the album online from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).