NEWS: The Vanishing Points (ex-Brawlers) introduce themselves with ‘The Devil’s In The Detail’!

After a few years on the road, during that time releasing a handful of EPs along with their debut album ‘Romantic Errors Of Our Youth’ back in 2015, Yorkshire pop-tinged punk rockers Brawlers have regrettably decided to give themselves a bit of a break from their hectic partying and touring lifestyle. But, fear not, as it’s not all bad news; from its ashes come The Vanishing Points.

Composed of three of the four members of the now defunct Brawlers, the newborn trio The Vanishing Points have only just stepped out of the gates of creation and into the public, and they’ve introduced themselves to us all with their debut track, ‘The Devil’s In The Detail’.

You can give the song a spin and listen to it via the embedded player below.

Offering a bit more of an in-depth idea behind giving Brawlers a bit of a break and trying out something new in its indefinite downtime, frontman Harry Johns commented and shared with us, “So, after we made the decision to take a break from touring, I kind of started taking less notice of contemporary artists and fell back into listening to the stuff I love most: blues. I’ve always listened to Hendrix, SRV, Son House, old gospel stuff too, and I think it just slowly crept into my songwriting. I also moved into the country too, right in the middle of a nature reserve in Yorkshire. So, the result was The Vanishing Points.

The drinking and stuff had taken its toll on us over the years and were no spring chickens, so a break is definitely needed for Brawlers. But, I’m excited about this darker side. It’s heavier, and the lyrics are more poetic, I think. ‘The Devil’s In The Detail’ especially is lyrically very strange, it’s more about my fondness for words and weirdness than telling a specific story (which is something that I did a lot in Brawlers).

I’m really excited to get playing live. We’ll be releasing some dates this month, but, if you’re in Leeds, we’re playing the basement of our friend’s record store Single Shot as a kind of band launch on February 23rd. Blues tinged post-hardcore definitely is a bit original, right?”

More details and information surrounding The Vanishing Points, including forthcoming releases and touring plans, will be announced as they’re confirmed.